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Basic (MOS Edition) Level 1 - R1500 - Level 2 R1500

                         Days:  1

          Prerequisites:  Windows 7: Basic or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1:  Getting started

                               Topic A:  The PowerPoint window

                               Topic B:  Getting help

                         Unit 2:  New presentations

                               Topic A:  Creating presentations

                               Topic B:  Saving presentations

                               Topic C:  Rearranging and deleting slides

                               Topic D:  Using slides from other presentations

                         Unit 3:  Formatting slides

                               Topic A:  Formatting text

                               Topic B:  Modifying text

                               Topic C:  Formatting paragraphs

                         Unit 4:  Using drawing objects

                               Topic A:  Adding shapes

                               Topic B:  Modifying objects

                               Topic C:  Using text in objects




Unit 6:  Working with Graphics

                               Topic A:  WordArt

                               Topic B:  Pictures

                               Topic C:  Clip art

                         Unit 6:  Using tables and charts

                               Topic A:  Tables

                               Topic B:  Charts

                               Topic C:  Diagrams

                         Unit 7:  Modifying presentations

                               Topic A:  Templates and themes

                               Topic B:  Slide masters

                               Topic C:  Transitions and timings

                               Topic D:  Speaker notes

                               Topic E:  Slide shows

                         Unit 8:  Proofing and delivering presentations

                               Topic A:  Proofing presentations

                               Topic B:  Running presentations

                               Topic C:  Printing presentations

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